Hilary Collins  www.hilarycollins.co.uk
Christine Savage www.christinesavage.com
Lynne Bartlett www.lynnebartlettoriginals.co.uk
Valma Cheffins Valma Cheffins
Frank Cheffins Frank Cheffins
Sarah Perry Pottery www.sarahperrypottery.co.uk
David Buskell www.atthecuttingedge.co.uk
Susan Beale www.susanbeale.co.uk
Leena Charles http://www.leenacharles.co.uk/
Sally Lees http://www.sallylees.com
Daniel Clayton www.instagram.com/danielclayton824
Gabriella Sellors www.gabriellasellors.com
Rachel Hall Jewellery https://www.rachelhall.london/
Moira Searle http://www.moirasearle.net/index.html
Tomoko Hori tomokohori.com
Nova & Lorsten Nova & Lorsten
Tanya Cory Tanya Cory
Fiona Veacock Fiona Veacock
Deirdre Burnett www.deirdreburnett.com
Camilla Webb Carter http://www.camillawebbcarter.com/the-artist/
Terry Macey www.terrymacey.com


Dulwich Craft Fair will be providing limited catering this year due to a last minute problem with our caterer.

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