Hilary Collins  www.hilarycollins.co.uk
Christine Savage www.christinesavage.com
Lynne Bartlett www.lynnebartlettoriginals.co.uk
Valma Cheffins Valma Cheffins
Frank Cheffins Frank Cheffins
Sarah Perry Pottery www.sarahperrypottery.co.uk
David Buskell www.atthecuttingedge.co.uk
Susan Beale www.susanbeale.co.uk
Leena Charles http://www.leenacharles.co.uk/
Sally Lees http://www.sallylees.com
Daniel Clayton www.instagram.com/danielclayton824
Gabriella Sellors www.gabriellasellors.com
Rachel Hall Jewellery https://www.rachelhall.london/
Moira Searle http://www.moirasearle.net/index.html
Tomoko Hori tomokohori.com
Nova & Lorsten Nova & Lorsten
Tanya Cory Tanya Cory
Fiona Veacock Fiona Veacock
Deirdre Burnett www.deirdreburnett.com
Terry Macey www.terrymacey.com
Kerry Stokes  www.chalkwovens.com
Jennie Heppenstall www.inpansgarden.etsy.com
Kyra Mihailovic  www.kyraceramics.com
Bridget Armstrong Hats www.bridgetarmstronghats.com
Alex Angel Benchner www.vurchoo.co.uk
Monica Szpindowska www.monikaszpindowska.co.uk 
Josh Quartey www.qbox.store
Morley College Textile Design Students
Olivia Holland www.oliviajholland.co.uk


Dulwich Craft Fair will be providing limited catering this year due to a last minute problem with our caterer.

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