David Buskell Woodturning

Short CV: I took up woodturning in 2000 as an antidote to a stressful day job. All my pieces are unique and hand made in Croydon, Surrey. I'm a member of the American Association of Woodturners and Cheam Woodturners and since 2011, have been a regular visitor to the Symposia run by the AAW in the USA.


Details of some of the other events you are exhibiting at: plans for 2018 are not yet finalised but I will be attending the Belmont Village Festival in July with my club and other events


Who are your design heroes:  are too many to list! Jimmy Clewes, Keith Holt, any Bauhaus tutor, Michael Gibson


What makes your skin crawl: People who say “what can I use this bowl for?”


What you need to start creating a masterpiece: The wood will tell me how it wants to be cut.The Texas Ebony piece sat around for a while until I realised the best way to show off the unusual grain and figure to best advantage.


Cherry from New Jersey Plum and Purpleheart Sierra pens Roundhead clock

TexEbo One

For this last piece, the timber was purchased from Nave's Sawmills,  Kingsville, Texas, at the AAW Symposium in Kansas City. I was given strict instruction from Wendy Nave that I had to send her  a photo of what I made. I still have another 2 pieces to complete.